Like last year, the Festival will have daily Yagasala and Family Poojas with Sankalpam, Vahana Processions, Annadhanam for all, Cultural Programs and of course, our beautiful Temple Chariot for all devotees to pull on a special day. Don''t miss it. Program of Brahmotsavam: SVT Brahmotsavam 2011 will be performed over a 10 day period from THU 29th September to SAT 8th October, 2011 at Sri Balaji Temple, SVT Helensburgh.  On the prior morning of WEDNESDAY 28th SEPT, a special Sri Ganesa Homam will be performed at SVT to pay obeisance to our First Deity, Lord Ganesa, to seek His blessings for the success of SVT Brahmotsavam 2011.  Also, the rite of "Ankurarpana", the sowing of the seeds to signify fertility, prosperity and abundance is performed along with a festival for Sri Vishvaksena, the leader of Narayana's retinue who removes obstacles and protects our worship.

Day 1: THURSDAY 29th SEPT, 2011: Dwajarohanam Sesha Vahanam
Day 2: FRIDAY 30th SEPT, 2011: Pallakku Procession Hamsa Vahanam
Day 3: SATURDAY 1st OCT, 2011: Pallakku Procession Mutthu Pandal Vahanam
Day 4: SUNDAY 2nd OCT, 2011: Pallakku Procession Sarva Boopala Vahanam
Day 5: MONDAY 3rd OCT, 2011: Mohini Avataram Garuda Vahanam
Day 6: TUESDAY 4th OCT, 2011: Hanumantha Vahanam Gaja Vahanam
Day 7: WEDNESDAY 5th OCT, 2011: Chorna Vahanam Surya Brabhai Vahanam
Day 8: THURSDAY 6th OCT, 2011: Aswa Vahanam
Day 9: FRIDAY 7th OCT, 2011: CHARIOT Festival Chakra Snanam
Day 10: SATURADY 8th OCT, 2011: Kalyana Utsavam Pushpa Pallakku Dwaja Avarohanam

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