Is Tishani a Meriden student, Sydney's most courteous young lady? - BY BERNADETTE CHUA

ஆங்கில இணைய தளத்தில் வந்ததை அப்படியே தருகின்றோம் 

Is Tishani Gowrythasan the politest teen in Sydney? Certainly her school thinks so.
In an age when it is quite often customary to denigrate teens for being self-centred and uncaring, Meriden student Tishani and her friends are an example of a much more caring generation.
The Strathfield student catches the crowded M90 bus every morning from her home in Greenacre. And while there are sometimes dozens of excited schoolchildren on the bus who refuse to give up their seats for elderly passengers, Tishani always sacrifices hers.
So much so that one bus passenger has been moved to write to her school commending her actions.

Ryan James, a Strathfield resident, wrote to Meriden principal Dr Julie Greenhalgh.
“I have been catching the bus for more than two years and I have noticed that it is very uncommon that students and children provide the elders with assistance on public transport, and give up their seats for those who need it most,” he wrote.
“One particular Meriden girl has represented her school well and has expressed her generosity by helping those who need help, offering her seat to those who need it more than she does, and spreads her community spirit.”
Modest Tishani is surprised by the fuss – but says her friends appreciate the fact that her actions have been publicly acknowledged.
“My friends don’t think it’s lame, they actually think its really nice that someone has acknowledged that I stand up on the bus for elderly residents,” Tishani said.
“There are a few students who do stand up for elderly residents, but they are mainly older students,” she told the Scene.
“I think my etiquette stems from living with my grandmother. For me, it’s a cultural thing that’s been ingrained in me. I have been brought up to respect my elders, no matter how much older they are.
“I would feel guilty if I didn’t respect my elders. I would feel disappointed in myself.”
The 17-year-old student is a respected member in her school community. Even in the playground, they greet her warmly.
She’s a popular girl, but not the type that you would see at house parties on a Saturday night.
 “I would say my good etiquette comes from being around such fabulous friends. They are all outstanding students and great people so I think we learn off one another,” she said.
“We’re not just courteous to other people, but also to each other. There is very caring and nurturing school community. It’s something that we are taught from the first day we spend at Meriden.”

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Congratulations Tishani! We are proud of you.