THIRUMURAI VIZHA - At Vishnu Siva Mandir, Mawson, Canberra


At Vishnu Siva Mandir, Mawson, Canberra
On Saturday 12 April 2014 at 5.00 pm.
   THIRUMURAIS are the devotional outpourings of Saiva Saints who surrendered themselves fully to Lord Siva. They are of literary excellence and contribute to the richness of the language and culture of the Tamil people.

High lights of the event:
Ø Speech by 1. Prof., Dr. Gnana Kulendran, Sydney
     2. Thiru M. Arjunamani, President, World Saiva
                          Council (Australia Branch), Sydney
Ø Students participation                                                    
·         Speeches
·         Thirumurai Songs by students of Ganamirtha Music Academy.
·         Drama
These Tamil devotional poems are classified into twelve volumes and are called Panniru Thirumurais. They include hymns of Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Thiruvisaippah, Thiruppallandu and Periyapuranam, which are often recited as Panchapuranam. Other poems are Thirumanthiram, verses of Karaikkaal Ammaiyaar and other saints.
The saints, by their outpourings of these devotional poems restored the linguistic, religious and cultural heritage of the Tamils. They instilled courage and self respect in the Tamil minds.
This Vizha is organised with a view of imparting knowledge of our religious and cultural heritage to all, particularly the younger generation.
Parents are kindly requested to inform us early, before 17th Feb., the names of their children who wish to be involved in the student participation.
All are kindly invited to attend this important function.
Vizha Organisers:
Dr K. Ganesalingam & Mrs Y. Ganesalingam
 Tel:  (+612) 61563658 / 0469393947

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